The Feeling Of Faith.

M. C. Vollmann

It's the feeling of Peace, it's the feeling of Hope,

the feelings of Fear on the edge of this Slope.

I wish I can go back, tighten the Slack, 

reveal the regrets thats been weighing down my back.

From the wicked of this world,

and the lost's of my life,

I write this today, because I know what I have to say.

I feel the Pain, it longs through my veins,

knowing on day it Might go away.

It was a feeling of Joy, a feeling of Life, 

For once in my Life it was the feeling of Love,

I first felt alive,

then a little betrayed, I pray to the Lord,

"Is this really the way?"

I feel "His" Love, rain down like a Plague,

but I also feel Hate, like an abandoned old rag,

I feel like unloading a mag to my brain,

covered in this blanket of shame.

It's like im now blind, to see the good in our days,

my angers overtaken into radiating rays, I hear the Angels say to rise Upon this Stage,

ignoring my thoughts of revolting rage. 

I tightened my stance, Oh, how I trust in the Lords plans,

But its the feeling of Faith that most Importantly Awaits...

M.C.Vollmann  /   RR

© Copyright 2023 
M.C. Vollmann™


  • Author: M.C. Vollmann (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 23rd, 2023 18:08
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