Humane seconds, Disrupted profane

L. B. Mek


Tick, Tock 

Nanosecond’s that weep for a war

Lamented casualties

Propaganda’s trickery, awakening 

Empathy in vultures 


Tap, Tap 

Politician microphone’s drums of war

Even for their own

They won’t forsake ego to remember 

And mourn


Witness, what levels of cruelty we’re each

Capable of

When our humanity is corrupted n warped

By that fallacy of war


We, all

Progeny of mass murderers 

In guise of defending their own

Insuring that artistry of butchering

Our, own

Never dulls or skips a generation 

Kept ever-sharp in malignant DNA’s 

That legacy of baleful disregard for life


Here children, Behold: 

This be thy inheritance of monstrosity

A perpetually regressive, modernity

A regurgitation of tragic progressivity 

Mutually annihilating nuclear weaponry 


What cure can we ever hope for

to counter our, insane 

All-consuming cancerous zeal

to hate our neighbours 

With unhinged malice, overnight


We cry crimson for our dead children 

While murdering our enemy’s children

Chanting that insidiously archaic line 

‘All is fair in love and war’


Is this really all our evolution amounts to

Is there really no hope, no accountability 

Is our democracy so impotently complicit 


Will we never change? 



© L. B. Mek

February 2023


  • Goldfinch60

    Unfortunately Mek with those who are supposedly leaders in our world it will stay the same. Good words.


    • L. B. Mek

      'supposed, leaders'
      says it all Andy, sad to contemplate
      thank you, glad you could relate

    • 2781

      Will we ever change? I hope so.

    • sorenbarrett

      As long as man believes in his superiority, holds himself to be right and others wrong, As long as poverty exists and inequality there will be war, crime, murder all self justified.

      • L. B. Mek

        (thank you, my friend
        please, forgive my rant below)
        'as long, as...'
        but cherished Poet
        which, is a more straightforward
        task, for us to tackle first
        those listed causalities and excuses
        for war
        or attempting to eradicate, war
        as a possibility, in and of itself...
        what's crazy to me
        is that, the very mention of euthanasia
        has everyone agreeing to a oneness
        an assumption, that the taking of life
        is wrong, at a fundamental level
        and yet, here we are
        sanctioning mass euthanasia
        every generation
        without so much as a hesitation
        that assumption, where war
        is an inevitability of the human, condition
        needs to be refuted, at every opportunity;
        'as long, as'
        Presidential hopefuls must, first
        agree 'defence' budgets, before
        they can be nominated by their party
        we shall never see an end to war
        we're already wasting trillions
        on space armies
        before, we've discovered space travel
        does that not say it all
        for the projected future, those in power
        envision for humanity...
        ...just so depressing

      • Neville

        sadly, you win hands down .. some things just need to be said, don't they

        • L. B. Mek

          oh Hyung
          how I wish someone, worthy
          who can be, heard
          would say them, before
          it's too late
          as it always seems to be the case

        • Sakwa Franc

          I know one day justice will be found
          The perfect world we read in Genesis creation will be real
          When there will be no divisions , wars and discrimination

          I love your work Mr LB you never disappoint

          • L. B. Mek

            faith is a good anchor for hope
            may your hope never wane, dear Poet
            thank you! how generous you are
            with your support and encouragement
            may karma, repay you tenfold

            • Sakwa Franc


            • Poetic Dan

              Fantastic stuff and sadly change is like watching or waiting for it to go from light to dark, we see the slight hint but before you can blink it's happened!

              Justice won't be seen, just looked back upon one day to say how ever did we live this way and the cycle will continue. To sleepwalk through existence and forgetting the many that walked before us..

              Thanks for the inspirational thoughts.

              • L. B. Mek

                won't be seen, just looked back upon
                one day'
                I read and learn
                oh wise and most cherished Poet
                thank you!
                (how very true, brother
                oft, we step
                into impossibility's realms, never noticing
                when we crossed, fate's threshold)
                we can but hope! 🙏

              • Bella Shepard

                Dear friend, these very thoughts plague my morning walks. I can't help but I reflect on the inherent violence and cruelty that have plagued our species ever since we picked up a rock and used it for the first time to kill. We have invented more and better ways to kill each other but to what end. The most pointless act in the world is an act of war, for it accomplishes nothing. Perhaps we have even farther to go in our evolution to redeem ourselves, sadly in the wake of the pain and suffering we cause. This is BRILLIANT!

                • L. B. Mek

                  so true, wise Poet
                  I read, heed and sigh
                  somehow, choose to fight
                  to keep my waning, hope
                  somehow, someway
                  we'll, find a way
                  a Time n state of evolution
                  where murdering, each other
                  upon our battlefield's
                  of differences is deemed, a barbarism
                  we must eradicate, permanently

                  • Bella Shepard

                    My very wise friend, I can't thank you enough for suggesting The Alchemist. It is so relatable; the omens, the levante wind, I couldn't help but reflect on my own journey of self discovery throughout life, and the path that led me to MPS. Our own personal journeys are so much more remarkable than we ever realize. I have found more books by Paulo Coelho at my library, and have just started The Devil And Miss Prym. I look forward to reading them all.

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