Hey black people, stop...you can’t buy food

Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla

“We went to buy vegetables.
Supermarket allowing everyone
Except my skin colour
Still, we tried to enter the supermarket.
But suddenly Security called us
Hey black man, stop
I checked around.
They called us again.
Hey black people, stop
They asked me,
"Where are you going?"
I replied to him
I want to buy food.
They laughed and laughed.
They said you can’t buy food, Mr. Black.
I returned with empty hands.”

  • Authors: Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla
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  • Finished: March 14th, 2023 13:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: This is my personal experience with European-based supermarkets. Supermarket female employees follow us wherever we go inside the shop by checking our hands and pockets. There is no single organization based in Europe that is free from racism. Irony is European based global human rights bodies and LGBTQ organizations too are well-known for practicing rampant racism against black skinned people and Africans. Do not believe whatever these global human rights bodies are writing or saying theoretically. Their everyday lives with blacks and Africans are quite opposite from their human rights work. N.B.: 99.99% of people of African origin say they never face racism in Europe, so it may be the sensitivity of me and my Ethiopian-born wife of Royal family background and my four-year-old Indian-looking son that we are feeling, facing, and experiencing rampant racism in Europe. My academic background, my wife's Royal family background, or my son's Indian background may all contribute to our feelings of rampant racism. How lucky they are that they are not facing any racism, even though they are a typical African race in Europe. How unfortunate that I was born in India! If I were born in Africa, then I would never feel, face, or experience racism in Europe.
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  • BlessedbyGod

    That horrible, I'm so sorry that you experience this, I don't see how others can judge based on skin color or ethnicity, it's such a childish and mundane thing to do it's ridiculous,
    We are all created equal on should be treated as such in my opinion

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