Love hurts


Love hurts when it seemed to be true,
It can leave you broken,confused and blue,
You can be blind sided and taken for a spin,
Loving with all you have,and not giving in,
Then something is said,and all goes to hell,
The hurt,confusion and pointlessness,does it ring a bell,
Voicing concern isn't ever pointless, obviously it is important to clear the air,
Love hurts and sometimes seem unfair.
And good riddance? Was that really said?

This is the poem you invite me too?
Alright: well then let's,
take a look at you.
You said you are with someone else.
So obviously you were going behind my back.
Whatever happened to working out our problems?
Yet when times became hard you cracked.
You never even would have called me,
if I had not finally convinced you.
You would have been with someone else
while I was still thinking of you.
You said that you were voicing concern.
Yet all you did was accuse.
You did so then, and you still do now,
and none of it is true.
None of your facts are straight;
no, not a single one.
I have no idea who or where,
you are getting you facts from.
You wanted to go there.
So I went there with you.
In the end, you will find,
that none of what you thought was true.
... and I am not worried if you really are with someone else,
because in the end,
None of it will come together,
and you will not win.
So yes I say, 'Good riddance',
if there is no trust in this relationship.
Because if that is how you will act;
I don't need that shit.

Ou woe! yes, love hurts
Ever since the day I married KP
I've never been the same since! lol
Apologies for this bit of rubbish
Creeping in to sensible fusioned poems.

Yes I am with someone else now,
After a month went by,and you not talking to me,so how,
Is this my fault?,you wouldn't ever open up,
When I asked what was wrong,you said nothing,if we shared the yolk equally, then why not talk to me,
I know you,and when something is on your mind,
Like when you refused to look me in the eyes and pulled away from me when we were in public,
Or maybe how after 3 months I still never met your family,or your mom never knew that I was still there,
Tell me,how is that fair to me?
This is for you from me
She drop the zero and came with the hero I'm the nigga that took your place that's known around the world just grow up and take it like you are
You had the chance but you still not in her league but if need to say anything reach out to.meand we can talk just saying cool Riddines

Nothing can justify cheating in a relationship or doing something sinister behind someone's back:
No not a single thing.
For the record, I found out that that was blood on those rags, not makeup. They were blood stains from when my nephew use to have nosebleeds as a baby. We used those rags, and more to wipe up his nose.
... and I was not pulling away from you at the beach. There were alot of people there, and I had to push to get through.
We had a great time that whole day.
I don't know what to say about by you and family.
- My love, I will leave you with this advice: your are forty years old, never left Oregon, and are still new to the, "Big City". Don't move to fast.

Hey Buddy like i said if u had anything else to say reach out me stop making excuses she big a girl and it doesn't matter if it is a big city or not you should've thought of that when she flow 3000 somewhat miles and had to sleep in a hospital and spend all day at a IHOP because you didn't have the balls to stand and be that man but you didnt and ended up to be a CATFISH and thank you you don't know the woman you lost and is my gain so stop acting like a pussy victim and booty hurt i think after this they be no more cry from you and we want to talk hood will botch as I took you woman!!!!!

I won't get upset;
at least not in this life.
Because you sound one-hundred percent,
like my ex-wife.
(Wow! This is fun)

I'm glad our problems are a joke to you Dion, Is that all our relationship ever was,A JOKE?

You say that these are our problems.
Yet you don't want to work them out.
So yes they're problems.
I guess just not our problems,
or there would be no need for doubts.

  • Authors: BlessedbyGod, Dion P. Crown, orchidee
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  • Finished: March 15th, 2023 00:00
  • Limit: 11 stanzas
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  • Category: Sad
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