If I am Hungry, I will eat myself by Abby Rose Wise


Notice of absence from Abby1234
I won't be on on weekends or in the summer.

If I am Hungry I will eat myself
I want Ice cream to eat so bad.
I am Hungry
I want to eat myself till the bones remain.
I won't bother to eat my organs
I am very tasty.
No wonder dogs love to bite me
I am hungry.
I want to eat, but I can't
So very Hungry.
I want to eat this paper
This paper looks delicious.
I am going to eat you all up
Num Nums.
Is paper milk?
If it's white it must be milk.
Nope it's not milk.
Definitely not milk
So very hungry.
So very depressed
No one can understand my hunger.

Danger: I'm A Hungry Zombie. My Stomach Growls A Vicious Hello.
Jell-O Where R U?
Stew, Where Can U B?
Diety Of Foods, I'm So Hungry.
Watery, Salivating Mouth & Aching Belly.
Humanity Has Long Been Ate, Mercy Mercy Me.
Suddenly, I Smell Food Nearabouts After A Inadvertent Whiff. Lord, I'm Smelling Delicious Enough.
Life N A Maniacal Laugh, Realization & Revelation: If I Am Hungry, I Will Eat Myself.

If I am hungry,I will eat,
The word of God is the meat,
Bread is Christ's body and will sustain us,
Nourishes us and curbs our hunger so we don't fuss,
Wine is Christ's blood that washes us clean,
He gives us salvation and makes us pristine,
Trust in Him and He will provide,
Give Hi I'm the wheel of your life and enjoy the ride

  • Authors: Abby Rose Wise (Pseudonym), Broken Ankh, BlessedbyGod
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  • Finished: March 16th, 2023 15:30
  • Limit: 15 stanzas
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