Foolish Education.

Sakwa Franc

Who are wise in this crooked generation?

Western springs flows endlessly to dry places

In parched and wasted vallyes they rest

Every day in class to learn

Only to die in ignorance


Who are educated juries?

When discernment is an enemy to their minds

Who legalize same sex marriages without shame

In class they sat to learn

Only to poison their hearts


Who are enlightened priests?

When holy Spirit deserts their bodies

Only to fall in hands of seducing spirits

When rights of evil ones are protected on pulpits

Only to die in sins


Who are brilliant scientists?

When children are specimen to harmful chemicals

Evil is the business of their minds

Who surpress truth and deny only True God

Only to thrive in folly


Who are wise Christians in this age?

Who profess to be followers of their saviour

When fornication is the air they breath

But who acts mad to homosexuals

Only to die in darkness.

  • Author: Francis (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 2nd, 2023 09:22
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Bella Shepard

    You give us much to ponder dear poet, the enigma of life. It is only by questioning that we summon the courage to find anwsers. Good write!

    • Sakwa Franc

      Thanks Bella for your time I really appreciate

    • 2781

      No fear for them, yet.

    • L. B. Mek

      any dogma
      that's 'intolerant' of differences
      is 'man' made
      a tool, to 'corral' humanity towards
      an ideology or belief
      'system', designed to insure people
      are bracketed
      into manageable, herds
      any of us creating, a faith
      for our very own children
      and yet, insuring
      that very faith will instil, hate
      within them
      merely, because they differ
      when their very difference
      is caused by the genes and traits
      we, gave them...
      what absurdity!!
      they wage crusade's and jihad's
      'in the name of their chosen deity'
      while killing
      their deity's supposed children
      who, would forgive
      their child, for whatever reason?
      are well to be Abraham's
      sacrificing our child to a deity;
      a deity
      who would accept, such a sacrifice?
      only the warping of a human, mind
      can imagine such an impossibility
      as a tool for justifying
      the cyclical nature of division
      to keep the masses, enslaved
      under the guise of ideological
      for their fellow brothers and sisters...)
      an important write, dear Poet
      if our dogma or ideology
      cant withstand, our questions
      it is not a judgement of our lacking
      it is a crack, a weakness
      to showcase
      that the dogma we entrust
      may not be as perfect
      as we wish, it was
      then it's our choice
      to turn a blind eye and ignore
      those glaring unanswered questions
      to keep on walking, our path
      of inquisitive
      yearning, to find a truth
      we can invest our hope within
      a Truth, that engages with us
      offers us glimpses, to our answers
      instead of hiding behind
      and entrenched in a blind, rabid zeal
      a dogmatic, archaic wall
      designed to keep our minds, encaged
      and unknowingly, enslaved
      this when our humility, serves us
      we must, first
      be open minded enough, to accept
      we do not, Know
      enough, to assume anything
      as being, absolute
      and anything
      that asserts such a notion
      must, be questioned!

      • Sakwa Franc

        Thanks so much brother LB for the comment
        I really appreciate sir

      • Osei Zion

        Great work.

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