True enemy of love


The enemy of love is fear,

A shadow that can always appear.

It feeds on doubts and insecurities,

And destroys even the strongest of sincerities.


It whispers lies and fuels our doubts,

Causing chaos, inside and out.

It makes us question what we know,

And convinces us to let love go.


The enemy of love is pride,

An ego that can never hide.

It blinds us to our own mistakes,

And prevents us from making love's heartaches.


It makes us hold on to our grudges,

And refuse to forgive, despite all the nudges.

It breeds resentment and destroys trust,

Leaving love in ruins and covered in rust.


The enemy of love is selfishness,

A me-first attitude that leads to loneliness.

It makes us ignore the needs of the other,

And focus solely on our own desire and cover.


It makes us take without giving,

And makes us forget the power of sharing.

It destroys the bond of love and trust,

And leaves us alone, in our own lust.


So beware of these enemies, my friend,

For they can destroy love, until the very end.

Keep them at bay, and let love lead,

And your heart will find the happiness you need.

  • Author: Mello (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 5th, 2023 18:43
  • Category: Love
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  • thinkerbell

    Perfectly worded with great advicešŸ„°

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