Don't Let It Slip Away


Don't give up on hope,
don't let it slip away.
If it's all you have and nothing more,
find a way to make it stay.
In spite of despair, defeat or doubt
this could be a life-changing day
if you swallow your pride, drop to your knees,
humble yourself enough to pray.
If hope is all that remains in your life,
do everything you can to make it stay.


All is well and all is well,
no matter what the headlines read.
Here in this moment of frustration and doubt,
you have the one thing you really need.
It's called hope and it comes to the brave and the strong.
Don't wring your hands, grovel or plead.
Stand up and face the challenges head-on.
Defy the odds, plant a seed.
A forest grows from so simple a deed.


Don't give up on hope,
don't let it slip away.
Once gone, it's so hard to restore.
Muster the courage to seize the day.
Don't hid from the challenge,
don't run away.

  • Author: DesertWords (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 7th, 2023 08:11
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 8

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