The Crown Of "Faith".

M. C. Vollmann

A Crown Symbled Faith, 

Belongs To Our Father

Hath Stolen Of Feast, In The Hands Of The Beast,

Eyes And Ears All Over,

Crys And Tears Re-moldered.

Said From The "Most High"

An Ark Of The Least,

Don't Take The Mark Of The Beast. 💉

Whom Now Been Deceived, A Snake In Your Cells.

Go Follow Our Father,

Who's The Stealer Of Hope?

The Beast In The Water,

Also Known As The Pope.

The Fights Long Now Started, Of Spirits Down Deep,

So Don't Be Retarded Its Just You And Me,

This World Is Uncharted, 

Its The Lying And The Blatters,

Know The Devils Retreat,

It's What's After That Matters,

Because Heres Jesus To Meet...


-M.C. Vollmann

©Copyright 2023
M.C. Vollmann


  • Author: M.C. Vollmann (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 7th, 2023 20:18
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  • orchidee

    Roman Catholics won't like it, but some say they are the 'Beast' here.

    • M. C. Vollmann

      Yes Indeed, Christians And Catholics And A Little Different... 🙂

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