My Old Friend Depression


Here he comes again

To bring me

The tears

The anguish

The pain

It's all coming back

Coming back to me 

Like a demon in the night

Eyes glowing red

Ready to torture you 

Till the end

His dark presence 

Is Terrifying me


I am tired 

Of this constant

Battle day in and day out

Since I was a child

This demon depression

Convince’s me

Death is the only way out

Of the pain and misery


The pills the counseling 

What a joke 

My feelings have been numbed

Say what they want to hear

Get a free pass 

No one will ever know


Every fucking day

I think about death


My life is a mess

That demon depression 

Has always controlled me

Tearing at my heart

Ripping apart my soul

Has me convinced 

death is the way to go

I hate it and sometimes

It makes me lose control

I hate it

I destroyed my family 

while I was in turmoil

You don’t ask for help

Because you are manipulating 

You don’t ask for help

Because they never hear me

Everybody calls you selfish 

For wanting to take your life

They have never met my old friend 


Pounding into your brain everyday

That you are worthless

No one needs you

The world would be better with out you 

The overwhelming darkness 

The loneliness that consumes you

It’s all you hear night and day

It never stops 

It never goes a way


People do not know the real me

A scared little boy at the end 

Of his journey, 


  • Author: jsdunn123 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 7th, 2023 20:24
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 19


  • M. C. Vollmann

    What Deep Meaning, Jsdunn.
    You are Not Alone, We All Feel This Somtime In Our Life. God Bless You, And Thanks For Sharing This Poem..

  • OatMilkLatte

    This is so deep and emotional. Thank you for sharing this poem, and know that I hear you. I believe you. Never let anyone invalidate your feelings.

  • L. B. Mek

    stay strong!
    just in sharing these words
    you've demonstrated your fight
    your willingness to help, others
    they are not alone in their suffering
    not many, are brave enough
    or have the empathetic intellect
    to achieve this..
    thanks foe sharing, dear poet

  • Abby1234

    Stay strong. I know how it feels. My heart is going out to you buddy.

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