The Bible


From Genesis to Revelation

A trove of stories told

of ancient times and lands afar

Of miracles and faith that spark

In Isaiah, prophetic revelations unfold

And proverbs brings wisdom that pleases

In Psalms, sweet melodies are found

It's pages wave a major narration

Of God's unconditional love for humankind

And the one way trough eternal life

We will find.

The bible speaks of life and death

of how Jesus came to save us all

And always be with us when we fall

For in the bible 

we find the narrow gate

the way to live the world behind

It's a source of hope and peace,

And a guide to our faith's increase.


  • Author: Cesuke (Pseudonym) (Online Online)
  • Published: March 11th, 2023 23:36
  • Category: Spiritual
  • Views: 9

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