Ruby rae


Ruby rae was a sweet girl,

But she lived in a very cruel world,

She was a poet here last year,

With a past that had made her fear,

Satan had taken control, 

And had taken a lead role,

He put voices into her head,

After her father has passed away dead,

She was driven to anorexia and cutting,

Her personal life and friends she was shutting,

Listening to the voices telling her that she was nothing ,

But the truth is, is that she was really something,

I had the pleasure of being her friend, 

Up until her sad and cruel end,

At least she passed as a believer in Christ Jesus,

Accepting the fact that He died for us,

She was hospitalized last April and into May,

Before she was on life support and then ran away,

From the hospital, the voices convinced her to go,

And try to commit suicide and sink so low,

She was found on the street by an old "friend" ,

Who raped her and kept her hidden in the end,

Luckily she escaped and was found in a park,

Broken and confused she was found in the dark,

Back to the hospital she went where she was totally helpless,

From the wounds from the rape, she had died from sepsis,

On May 5th it will have been a year,

But on my heart her memory has been seared,

I'm so thankful for that February day,

The cold crisp one that I met beautiful sweet Ruby Rae.

  • Author: BlessedbyGod (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 14th, 2023 18:51
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this poem about a former piet from our MPS family, she passed away last year, not many if you knew her but those who did has made an impact on her life in a positive way that made her feel loved for the first time in her life. So thank you to you all that remember her and have taken the time that you did to show her that you cared
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  • orchidee

    We think it will never, can never, happen to Christian believers, that sort of thing, but..........
    Not that we're immune to every 'nasty' thing, we know.

    • BlessedbyGod

      We are honestly more vulnerable than non believers

    • Abby1234

      I am so sorry.

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