Do I make sense?

Aya Kadid

Please, tell me it makes sense

That I’m still in denial, still shocked that it happened,

That I can’t imagine a life different than the one I had with you,

That I need more time to process your loss and understand how and why it ended.

Please, tell me it makes sense 

That I’ve had a pile of clothes on my bed for weeks and still haven’t moved it out of my way,

That I can’t get my self to wake up nor sleep in the first place,

That I eat almost nothing a day.

Please, tell me it makes sense 

That my heart still beats faster every time I think of you, 

That my brain can’t stop thinking of you, 

That my eyes won’t stop crying over losing you, 

That my stomach shrinks in pain every time I realize I have actually lost you. 

Please, tell me it makes sense that I can’t let go of you.

  • Author: a.k (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 15th, 2023 12:49
  • Category: Sad
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  • Myth

    Time is all you need to heal ..
    till that moment ..
    We are lucky reading your throbs.

    • Aya Kadid

      Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry

    • Doggerel Dave

      Not a lot of sense, no. You are compos mentis enough to write and post this piece, yet you can't put your clothes away? Either get yourself together or hire some help.

      • Aya Kadid

        It’s not about being mentally sound enough to be able to do a task or not, it’s about how grief can take a troll on you and not let you do the simplest of tasks such as putting your clothes away, it’s about how mental issues can seriously affect your will and ability to do or not do something. Getting myself together is the goal, but it’s definitely not easy when I’m grieving, and I’d like to take my time to heal. Meanwhile, I’m writing what I’m feeling and sharing it online, perhaps someone who’s feeling the same way would feel less lonely to know that they aren’t the only one suffering

        • Doggerel Dave

          Well, you have shown some staying power. I expected to be deleted. Good for you.
          And it could be, to the the specific people you address, it won't matter that you are in this situation now and can't find your way out. Although to witness someone suffering like them, without a way out may, I feel, only increase their sense of hopelessness. Instead, would it not be better to put all that in the past tense, and say "look I'm out of it now - it will happen and this is how I made it work for me"?
          All the best.

        • Dr. Shailesh Gupta Veer


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