Jesus Holds The Key



Most anyone can tell you
We shouldn't take life too serious
But try to be happy and playful
When and while we can
We need to find humor in our lives
And find joy in our land

However, there are those
Who would bring us suffering and trouble
Who would kill innocent people
Turn once beautiful cities
Into ugly piles of rubble

Here we have many
Who won't pitch in and help
Even when they know they should
They Can't see the reward they'd get
If they only would

Now we are faced with runaway inflation
And it seems like
Our dollars they have wings
It's hard to laugh and smile
Facing such that life sometimes brings
And often it is simply
That the world has awfully changed
It makes our world we knew
Seem unnatural and strange

A great enemy that we face
Is our and our neighbor's fear
WE wonder when we'll be blown up
We fear the plague that is
Still killing people over here

There is indeed much to make us sad
We see people close by
Who need help so they can eat
And lots of those who fought for us
Have wound up homeless on the street

To deal with problems 
That make us angry and sad
Everyone should and could contribute
Even many of the ones
That we call crazy and call mad

How to find happiness and to fix
Our present situation
Won't be answered by thoughtless
And unfair ways like more taxation
We must humble ourselves,
Pray for mercy for you and me
To survive the dangers of this age
Jesus holds the key

We must look, and maybe deep
Inside us and find
Our untapped energy
To unlock this power
That is within us
Jesus holds the key 


  • Author: charles69 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 15th, 2023 18:11
  • Category: Spiritual
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