Seba Qaddorah

I dived too deep thinking about life,

mistakenly thinking I can transcend my need for air,

I lost my breath, I frantically resurfaced,

holding on to whoever lurked happily on the surface,

I gasped for air, filled my lungs, satisfied my body,

tried to kill whatever pushed me deep down in the first place, tried to accept life on the surface.

It grew on me for a while, I began thinking how a life of constant struggle seemed overrated, diving down without ever knowing if you'll reach an end before you run out of air,

if whatever you reach can compensate the damage you've already done,

and I breathed my time away, thinking I was never born for the depths.

But one day, the air started burning my lungs, everything seemed dry and shallow,

I felt exposed at the surface, and I remembered a fact I’ve long forgotten;

I dived not only to reach the depths, but to escape the surface,

I dived back in, with enough experience to guide me faster,

maybe I’ll have to resurface again, but this time I’ll know, my need for air doesn't transcend my fear of the surface.

  • Author: Seba Qaddorah (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 16th, 2023 13:42
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Myth

    Shame on the three (water/air/surface.)
    Failed to give a hand ..
    To someone forced to live in the bottom ..
    (Good wording)

  • L. B. Mek

    (really well written, thanks for sharing
    stay strong!
    please forgive my little poetic reply)
    most of life's lessons
    are born of repetition
    we need first, attempt
    defying our fears and laments
    before we can levitate
    excavating a path, to escape
    to those
    awaiting, shorelines of solace
    we've been promised, by hope
    brave stolen breath at a time
    we define
    that which is ours to manifest
    and realise...!

    • Seba Qaddorah

      Kudos to you on this great poetic response,
      Thank you, much appreciated 🙂

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