I will survive as long as I learn to love again

I'm still in love with you,

but I have to give it to someone who will love me the same way I do,

unbreak my heart,


Those feelings are just not going to go away,

we run from each other,

I have been waiting my whole life for someone like you,

I wish we could last forever,


I thought I was over you but I guess I was wrong,

i committed myself wholeheartedly to you but you used me and when you were done you dumped me for a better opportunity,

I deserve someone who is sure that I'm the only choice they have,


I deserve an endless love,a cheesy one,

love is Wonderful, passionate,sweet,crazy, awesome and most of all it's like fire which burns from deep within,the desire.

I'm not good enough for you and I'm not going to spend forever proving it,

you are terrified of love and that makes you a coward.


Love shouldn't be this painful, it's supposed to be to bring joy,to be mutual and carefree,

love hurts,love lies,love is painful and most of all love is hard.


I fought until there's is nothing left to fight for,

I have no strength to continue with the fight,

I feel drained because I was te only one fighting,

                GOODBYE MY LOVE



  • Author: Berystridah (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 17th, 2023 07:12
  • Category: Love
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  • Doggerel Dave

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