A Morning Shooting


The Shotokan Muslimah is driving to work and a wanted woman has caught her sight;

The wanted woman was involved in a morning shooting that occurred a day ago and what I'm saying is right.


The Shotokan Muslimah drives towards the wanted woman and stops her car, which is true;

She exits her car and confronts the wanted woman, which is a heroic thing to do.


The Shotokan Muslimah quickly pulls out her firearm and points it at the crook, which is great as can be;

She tells the crook that she knows that she was involved in the morning shooting and I'm speaking honestly.


The Shotokan Muslimah tells the dyke to slowly pull out her firearm and place it on the ground;

The crook does what the Shotokan Muslimah says and that crook is also a shitty clown.


The bitch tells the Shotokan Muslimah that the Shotokan Muslimah isn't so tough without her gun, which is stupid as hell;

The Shotokan Muslimah places her gun on the ground and here are more things that I'll tell.


The Shotokan Muslimah tells the cunt to try to assault her and I'll tell you why;

She wants to kick and knock out the cunt and that's no lie.


The tramp tries to assault the Shotokan Muslimah, which is dumb;

The Shotokan Muslimah kicks and knocks out the fucking bum.


The Shotokan Muslimah calls the police, which is cool;

The police arrive and arrest the slutty fool.


The Shotokan Muslimah picks up her gun, returns to her car, and drives to work, which is okay;

The skank is now in jail and that's all I have to say.


  • Author: hotidris (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 17th, 2023 22:20
  • Category: Short story
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