Sleeping Fantasy


I can't get this one fantasy out of my head

Picture it, I'm sleeping laying on my stomach naked in your bed

The only part that’s covered from what you can see

Is my butt from the navy blue sheet draped diagonally over me

Split second later and your hard as a rock

You wonder which hole you are going to put your cock

A second later you start dripping

As you wonder if your dead, dreaming, or tripping

Realizing that it doesn't matter you really don’t care

Asking yourself "Do I just fuck her, do I dare?"

Your body takes over, you find yourself right by her side

It can be a dream or you could have died

Whatever the reason, whatever the case

You just want to fuck her hard and cum on her pretty face

She lets out a slight noise, a moan if you will

As you lightly run the tips of your fingers down her back until

You move to straddle the back of her thighs as off comes the sheet

This is your new favorite midnight treat

Dick so close to her pussy so warm, wet and so fucking tight

You stroke your swollen cock as you take in such a beautiful sight

Propping me up a little by lightly grabbing my hips

I start to wake up as you start sliding your dick in between my fat pussy lips

I was waking up at this point but pretended not to be

Loving that this is actually happening, your longtime naughty fantasy

A second later he trusts his way inside

I couldn't help the loud moan as he rides me like a slip n' slide

Said "fuck me hard, I want to feel you for a week or more"

If I wasn't so tight he would probably think I'm a fucking whore

Other than our moans, sounds of clap, clap, or smack

Dick still in I flip over onto my back

The look of surprise as I bend my feet behind my head

Replying to his look "I want you to cum anywhere on my front instead"

Told him I prefer his warm cum on my clit

That brought him to the edge as he came on me every last bit

As his drained cock is dripping the last drop

Told him just because he was done I wasn't going to stop

I licked up some of his cum the rest I used to play with my clit

I grabbed my left boob and licked my tit

My eyes are locked on his as I say "I'm about to cum"

While riding the wave my body goes numb

I can't believe that this just happened to me

One day it won't just be my fantasy.

  • Author: Alana6789 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 18th, 2023 06:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: A long time fantasy Ive had.
  • Category: Erotic
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