A covenant by His Blood

Sakwa Franc

The mighty voice whispered across the nations

A voice of true hope and redemption

In the midst of broken humanity

He shed his precious blood of new covenant

The blood that speaks better things throughout generations


In our flaws and failures

Jesus has raised us to new life

What a manner of love is this

No condemnation for those that believe in His name

For his blood has reconciled us


Sin has no grip in our lives

In the battle Jesus is mighty

In his assured victory we walk

We sing unto God who saves

No shame no guilt only grace abounds


Out of a foreign land of oppression

God called his people with open arms 

He paid all debts through His only son

Spreading his wings over jaws of fear and death

By his blood he blotted out evil ordinances


Not by law not by works not by religion

But through his blood nations are made free

Chains of wickedness are broken before him

Believe in his name and be saved

Times of ignorance are over.



  • Author: Francis (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 18th, 2023 06:45
  • Category: Religion
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