I try. You try. We both try. Then there is silence. I have to take my scarf off because I can see July just around the corner. You tell me that depression has you now. And I cry because I don't want it to tint our smiles with a gloomy laugh. It is my favourite picture. The one we took many lifetimes ago outside that stadium in Madrid. I cry for you dad. Always chasing dreams. Choosing to draw strokes in the air rather than holding tight to your stand. I would always pick the beauty of it. You have always given your life a different layer where you could bounce off trying to reach for the bluest sky. Your name wakes me up with a racing heart and draws the curtains when i'm praying late at night. My beautiful muse. The reason I call myself an artist because I finished the first verse of a song. You chased love even if it was scattered in a million broken pieces. Like a riddle on repeat. I promise we will figure it out one day. I cry for you dad. I know you cry for me too.

  • Author: Ani. Is. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 20th, 2023 06:52
  • Comment from author about the poem: Probably very imperfect. But this is the poem I felt the deepest.
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  • 2781

    Sounds okay to me, usually start a puzzle at the edges.

    • Anaisabel89

      Thank you I like your point.

    • agocl

      I love this, and relate to this. Definitely portrays the emotion

      • Anaisabel89

        Thank you dear poet.

      • Bobby O

        Like a riddle on repeat. I love that line, it says a million things in just 5 words. Nice

        • Anaisabel89

          Thank you for passing by my fellow poet.

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