Classical Music

Shahla Latifi


Classical music lives in me

It lives in the depth of my being


My favorite, the music of Tchaikovsky,

awakens my senses


With Tchaikovsky,

I can create the best love poem

I can fly high above the white moon


With the music of Tchaikovsky,

I see the stars; I see the clear sky

I see the thriving garden full of happy children


With Tchaikovsky

I get closer to myself, closer to my honest mind,

closer to my attentive heart


With Tchaikovsky, every spring, every winter

waiting for the changing colors of the moon,

for the sunrise to spread the wings of love around me



With the music of Tchaikovsky,

I can swim in the pool of fresh water,

side by side with rainbow fish, parrotfish, and happy white birds


With Tchaikovsky,

I can lay bare on the green grass of my backyard

I can laugh in the face of my troubles

I can take the warmth of glowing candles,

to pass the deepness of the dark


Classical music lives in me

drunk with the taste of music

Complete with the essence of Tchaikovsky,

my thoughts can grow more eager and happier every day


Shahla Latifi

March 2022


  • Author: Shahla Latifi (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 20th, 2023 11:00
  • Category: Reflection
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