The History

Kinsley Lee

We were taught the history, for a long time

Our forefathers were always peaceful people,

So had loved the dancing, singing and rhyme

And never invaded the other people.


So the students know the openers of the dynasties

Founded the nation on the purchased lands,

And the Great Gwang-Gae-To had expanded the territories

By trading with Khitan for buying the lands.


The many expeditions at the history was the business

Trips for buying the lands for their people.

And the battles were cause of the broken business,

And partners didn’t notice the business to their people.


The young know the importance of the real estate business

And know the reason that the China prohibits

The foreigners from buying the territory for business.

And they’re thirsty at the international real estate snippets.

  • Author: Kinsley Lee (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 20th, 2023 18:42
  • Category: Sociopolitical
  • Views: 17
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  • orchidee

    Good write K.

    • Kinsley Lee

      Hi! Thank you for your kind comments. Have a nice day!

    • L. B. Mek

      sadly, the older the culture
      the more insidious enmity
      that lingers!
      while the world, strives
      to move on and curate
      a united, humanity
      the old powers refuse, to relinquish
      their stranglehold on power
      and in so doing, invest
      evermore, in politics that will
      hurt their own people, far more
      than they dare admit, to themselves
      I pray that sage of humanity's, philosophical Spring
      Kung fu Tzu
      may, yet save that lost nation once again...
      (biggest misunderstanding
      in the west, is that China's current government
      is a Secular, political identity
      this is wrong
      modern China, is a cultist religion
      whoever is in charge, is portrayed
      as a deity
      a step beyond, German and Russia's
      socialist nationalism
      China is a nation
      built upon that archaic 'Slav' ignorance
      where Chinese people
      need work permits, to live and work
      the major city's
      and are treated as second class citizens...
      let alone foreigners)

      • Kinsley Lee

        Hi! L.B.
        Thank you for your long comments. We were taught the history which was distorted by the something. They distorted only for their benefit. The try to made people fool, for their easy reign. It's not the case of one country many almost all the country. It's sorrow. Have a nice day! BR.

      • Doggerel Dave

        I wish I knew enough of Chinese history to be able to comment intelligibly on your piece here......but I don't.
        Seems you focus on real estate as the core motivator in China's conflict? Nothing else? No exploitation by Western powers? I would be pleased if you would correct my assumptions....

        • Kinsley Lee

          Hi! Thank you for your kind comments. The china's 1st policy is expansionism in the long history. By conflicting and conquering the other countries, they expand their territory. Around 1950 they conquered the Tibet, Uhghr(East Turkistan), and Manchuria. Vietnam and Korean history is the conflicting history with China. But now Korean history said, we Korean is traditionally peace loving people, ~~~ etc. It's lousy teaching. I want to satire this false history teaching. Best regards. Kinsley

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