When I see you


When I see you, I see the face of God,
For we were all created in His image,
When I see you , I see peace and tranquility,
For we came from God, and He shines in us all,
When I see you, I see heaven,
For that is our true home to which we belong,
I see these things when I look into the eyes of another human being,
And in every animal,actually in everything.
God is within us all, it is just a matter if how deep we have to dig to find Him and bring Him to the surface

From the sublime preceding poem
To the ridiculous - and nutty!
Ohh, when I see you KP
I hardly recognise you
Looks more like an Old Trout to me
I wish you wouldn't keep on
Spending my money on botox
When will I see you again in person?
It's rare
Cos you're always on telly
Or in the newspapers
Or in the botox clinic.
But - don't hurry back!
Oops, hope I've not spoiled this fusioned poem
With this rubbish. lol.

"And they will beat their swords into plowshare
And their spears into pruning hooks
nation shall not lift up sword against nation"
When I see you that's where I look
When I see you who are blessed by God
I feel I can see inside your soul
When I see you I smile and nod
When I see you just so you know

When I see you, I see strength,
When I see you, I know that you will go to any length,
When I see you, I see unconditional love,
When I see you, I feel you're protecting me from above,
When I see you, I see my true Father God,
When I see you,I see your staff and rod,
When I see you, I see my true home,
Where I long to be with you and freely roam

When I see you I see the sunlight as it flashes through the trees
When I see you I see someone who's spent some time on their knees
When I see you I see a soul whose only desire is to live in peace
When I see you I see through the eyes of the poet who lives in me
When I see you I see someone who has been blessed by God
When I see you I see who'll tread where saints have trod
When I see you I see a friend I've met on My Poetic Side
When I see you I see who I hope tags along for this ride

Lord, when I see you, I will fall at your feet,
On the day that you return and we finally meet,
Face to face,eye to eye,
When I see you God,happy tears I will cry,
When I see you I see the beauty of the earth,
That will begin to be permanent with the first pangs of birth,
When I see you Lord, I see my Father in our Heavenly home,
Preparing a place for me to freely roam,
When I see the beauty of your creation,
I see the people and places of every nation,
When I see the sun shining down from your heavenly domain,
I know in my heart that in you Lord, I will forever remain

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  • Finished: April 4th, 2023 19:30
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