Lethal Weapon 3


Time to complete the trilogy

With Lethal Weapon 3

As good as the first 2?

No, not really

But it had Rene Russo R.I.P.

The return of Joe Pesci

Armour piercing rounds

Seemed rather deadly

Murtaugh once again wants to retire

Riggs is still a live wire

Busted down to beat cops

For triggering explosives in a box

Another firing range scene

Martin let's off shots

Dog biscuits are eaten, lots!

Riggs finds love after being stagnant

In the hands of a internal affairs agent

Weapon smugglers this time, not drugs

Murtaugh shoots his sons friend

He was one of the dealing thugs

Pissed off both the partners get

Off to the construction site for a visit

The final shoot out occurs

With many swear words

More explosions and fire

Russo's character gets shot

The agent of Riggs desire

She was wearing a vest

Lethal Weapon 4 next

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  • Published: March 21st, 2023 01:17
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    • Coolcuk

      You'll have until part 4 haha.

      • 2781

        Some stay to long, others stay strong. Your the later.

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      • L. B. Mek

        so fun,
        it's quite sad that your summarisation
        is basically everything important
        that happens, makes me think
        what was I watching for the other
        120 mins

        • Coolcuk

          Haha it's probably the same for part 4 which I'll post tomorrow. Thanks for enjoying.

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