Shooting sixty four rapids in the time stream


Powder milk biscuits helped yours truly,

a Norwegian farmer wannabe feel bold

enough to weather inclement

steady rain which swirled, pooled,
and eddied around rolled
up pant legs skinny ankles, which
immediately felt cold,

though frigid sensation I extolled
before undertow willingly

steadily, and nimbly pulled this former
ace swimmer into watery fold

quelling, relinquishing, and taking
my hard won mettle of gold

earned early in primetime, now
at last...preemptive quiescent salvation
sluiced into unbarred
Davy Jones's locker hold
meeting his maker

yours truly made in fleshy mold

buffer dis future papa gets tubby old

all me eager life possessions
long since donated and/or sold,

thus the final countdown
found yours truly submerged
for no rhyme, nor reason told

as I blissfully headed into the webbed
wide woebegone watery wold.


Whiling away the hours

quintessentially lollygagging

within pristine environs of Bangalore
bushwhacking an arduous chore

preservation, no longer will eyes explore

of course said dreamy forevermore
glorious hoary idyll merely

knowingly, and imaginatively
buzzfeeds capital one desire i.e. alone

in the wilderness penchant – furthermore,


escape madding crowd

thick with village people galore

offload mein kampf bon jure

yaws true well lee washed away
in briny deep pull lore

“FAKE," & figuratively, hypothetically,
ably tipped, gypped,

and drowned ma poor

wet tin his every pore,

this March 21st, 2023


(ewe could Hermes faintly
bleating after mighty roar)
of ocean riptide off back

body electric far from shore,
soaking wet tha top n bot hum
'o me soggy mossy noggin,
wharf fanta seas
waterlogged optima gills, this papa
caught in reverie as stevedore

Immune to the deafening thunder of Thor.

  • Author: rew4er2nail (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 21st, 2023 11:12
  • Category: Nature
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