They were her all, and she was the "they"


She was their refuge, yet no one was hers

She gave them what no one else could, and in return, they gave her much worse

She comforted them and made them feel safe, 

They only took from her though, never even once gave


She seemed tired, yet no one seemed to notice

While she withdrew, they grew and rose like a lotus

She was too nice to say anything, they just took advantage of it

She needed her refuge, someone, who like her was ready to commit


Someone who was there for her, completed her when she was drained

A safe place, a person she could rely on, where their support wasn’t feigned

She needed her person, a home she could retreat to 

Everyone needs a place they seek refuge, you might not think so, but even you too


She finally found that person, she just needed to search deeper

And she knew it was not ever possible for this person to leave her

They were her shelter, her house, even more, her home

She knew from then on she’d never be alone


Her definition of refuge was no longer “A safe place or a sanctum”

It had been modified to “anything that reminds her of them”

Her smiles became real and her innocent laughs genuine

As you see, If someone’s your refuge, they love you no matter what state you’re in


This person now painted her past, present and future

And it would always be like that, just like centimetres on a ruler

It’s funny, she sought her refuge, and it became a part of her

They gave her a unique feeling, had her wishing she’d met them sooner


She was their refuge, now someone was hers

She gave them what no one else could, and in return, they never gave any worse

She comforted them and made them feel safe, 

they did the same, whilst they took, they also gave


She was her own refuge, she was the “they”, she found comfort in herself

I mean, who better to make us feel safer, when only we truly know ourselves

We should complete ourselves, other people should be there to add

If someone else completes you, it’s just hidden now, but you’ll still always be sad…

  • Author: A <3 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 22nd, 2023 14:13
  • Category: Love
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  • David Wakeling

    I read this twice but because the characters are not named the reader is not engaged.There is no meaning without names.

    • ForeverAbi

      Thank you for the feedback. : )

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