Days In The Sun


i used to walk in the sun

if that's what it was

i used to feel it


on my skin

the small squint in my eyes to look up to it

so real, as if i could touch it

the heat

the feeling

all encompassing

enamoring really


i used to walk in the sun

but as the sun does so beautifully

it abandons us, slowly but surely

the darkness it never fails to come

like a clock ticking away


now i walk in the darkness

it's quiet here

it's cold

it's unforgiving

as if under the Alaskan sky

where all days and nights turn to black

that is where i walk

i sit and wait

almost in awe

waiting for the sun to rise

like a clock ticking away

for i will walk in the sun again.

  • Author: Roselyn (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 23rd, 2023 19:38
  • Comment from author about the poem: A message of once being in the now, and the world putting its feigns in to drag you sufferingly into the darkness, a sense of hoping to reach the feeling of the sun again. Enjoy loves :)
  • Category: Forgiveness
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  • Peter Pan - The Rock

    The sun... giver of all life... when it doesn't burn... or scorch.

    However... a bit of night is necessary.

    And I'm not saying complete darkness... no.

    But without... the night...

    Difficult to sleep... or dream.

    Anyway... good poem.

    Sorry... for commenting.

    Hope you don't mind.

    • Roselyn

      aw yes i loved that, without the sun and without darkness there would be no need for either. so insightful, thank you for commenting 🙂

      • Peter Pan - The Rock

        You are welcome... and... very sweet. I do enjoy your poetry.

        If you write some more... and I have the time and the chance...

        I will read your poetry. Be as well as you can be...

        Be safe... and be well. Peace.

      • L. B. Mek

        such an empowering poetic voice
        thanks for sharing

        • Roselyn

          Thank you so much 🙂

        • HangingbyaHalo

          The joy is that the sun will come, and slowly but surely the darkness will fade. 💙 wonderful write! Thank you for sharing.

          • Roselyn

            Yes so very true, thank you love 🙂

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