The Blossoms


O'the beautiful flowers,
no wonder where you are.
I can watch you for hours,
for you'll always be ours.

who has created each and every creature.
I'll always say your name,
for you always give people their fame.

O'the blossoms,
which can never cause loathsome.
For you'll always stay in your glory,
even if you are thorny.

I thank you for making this earth beautiful.
I'll always applaud,
for I'll never be sorrowful.

O'the blossoms,
you can never be noisome.
I'll always guard you,
for my mercy is due.

  • Author: Nature (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 24th, 2023 03:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: I have written this poem to make each and every creature to be merciful for what nature gives them.
  • Category: Nature
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  • L. B. Mek

    a wonderful dream imbued in worded eloquence
    thanks for sharing

    • Nature

      Thank You.

    • orchidee

      Good write N.

      • Nature

        Thank You.

      • Peter Pan - The Rock

        I agree Nature is good.

        Man however...

        Seems to pollute, destroy and ravish Nature and all true beauty.

        Still Nature... created Man... and all
        creatures, trees, plants, flowers, vegetables.

        Like in all things in Nature...

        Usually there is duality... and two more or less opposite forces.

        For a few examples... day, night, good, evil, positive, negate, matter and anti-matter.

        The old religions, ancient people...

        Worshiped and revered nature.

        However... some new modern religions...

        Christianity for example...

        Worships GOD... inside Human made constructions, buildings, stone walls, clausters... churches.

        And forgive me for saying so...

        But the Christian cross... is and always was, will be... an instrument of torture, and ultimately... death.

        You have however in some places the image of Jesus Christ... not...
        crucified and with wide open arms.

        I would say... that's not so bad.

        Anyway... so sorry if I anoy you, somehow.

        Please... feel free to report me.

        And the ones who can even banish me, from this site... if they trully desire. Oh... Retiring for this night.

        Maybe I'll watch Monty Python and
        the Life of Brian...

        A very good, comic and funny... movie.

        In such... perilous and dire times...

        We should get all the "fun" we can get.

        And try and see... all the bad, horrible things, with a laugh, and a very good sense of Humor.

        Because... my dear... "friends".

        Some trully horrible, completely false and despicable "persons".

        Love to be wolves in sheeps clothing.

        And always forgive themselves, and always use sin... or Jesus Christ as a perfect excuse for horrible and tremendous cruelty and plain pure... insanity.

        Religious-Freedom... is or should be allowed...

        All freedom... to a certain level.

        And yes some are good, some may be bad...

        And others are simply and purely the worst.

        Trully nocive, toxic and pure poison.

        So very... anoying...

        Yes... I am... well aware.

        Already was a long time.

        Now it's way more clear and evident.

        If some you... are looking...

        For a "good" person...

        Well... Take a real good long look in the mirror.

        Amen to that!

        And... Hallellujah!

        • Nature

          Thank You so much!...It really means alot that you have given a big and good message

          • Peter Pan - The Rock

            Well... at least some... still retain some basic common sense and sanity. No... Thank YOU!

            • Nature


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