Lost'n Found


I’m so lost right now



I don’t know what to do

But I just met a girl, how will that do?

She's being nice and lovely to me

Let me look closely, I see

She's just like me, how could that be?


Broken and shattered

Damn I’m so flattered

Each other we've found


But we are both so drowned..


Seems like,


I might not be lost anymore

I’m not like before

I think I’ve found something,

I think I’ve opened a new door

I don’t wanna rush it

But I guess I want more?

I’m not lost anymore



But I still don’t know what to do

How do I pull this through?


I see,


So happy just to see you smile

Underneath the sky of blue

Holding hands on our way home

I feel like I want to be with you




After all, we are still living our own lives

"Living" itself brings us happiness....

And the opposite....


As time passes

And we look in each others backs

Under the pale sun

All we can see are shadows of our past


Im lost again..



No matter what happens

When our vision blackens

There’s only one thing

That I wish the universe would bring


Wish that I met you

When the sky was bluer

When our minds were clearer

Wish that I met you

When our thoughts were fewer


Can’t shake the feeling that id wish

I met you sooner



Time is passing

We don’t know what we’re doing

Memories are lurking

The shadows are watching

Waiting for an opportunity to take over.



I’m feeling cold now, empty inside

Waiting for a fill-up

That might never show up

I don’t know what I feel anymore

                             I’m lost.



There’s a voice inside my head

I don’t know what’s telling me yet

Maybe it’s something about the way we met

And how we so suddenly made

 Memories we won’t easily forget..

I wonder how was all of that meant


It seemed like

It took me just a night with you

To feel more alive

Then I did my whole life



In the end

I feel like I just want to see you happy

Either I’m around or not

It would just make me happy

That would be the main plot

To see you end up with a smile

No matter if I’m closer or further than a mile




 You don’t worry there,

I’ll just happen to be here

Until I feel it’s time

For me to go away



Cuz’ no matter what or how it is

 I’m happy

That I FOUND you.

  • Author: Darius (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 25th, 2023 06:37
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 10

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