The Confectionery of a Lover



                                                 it was a sugar rush

                                my candyfloss heart; it was on a sugar rush 

                                the sickly sweet smell entranced me so

                                             like a fly is drawn to honey 

                                                     he kept me close

                                        told me pretty lies, sweet nothings

                                   they tasted like pure sugar on my tongue

                                  his venomous words dripped of  honey

                                                straight from the comb

                                    he spun tall tales with the elegance of

                                        a fairy-floss machine at the fair

                                    fabricated love, spun to perfection 

                             how addictive this intoxicating game became 

                                          and i am still amazed by how 

                                    quickly the candyfloss melted away

                                   how the pink bubblegum turned gray

                                         lost its flavor, bitter in my mouth

                                                 i hate this aftertaste

                                       you were addictive and poisonous yet

                                         i saw no warnings from the FDA 

                                     no red flags, no skull & crossbones

                                            how did i not see this coming?

                                 why did no one warn me till it was too late?

                                                      society told me 

                        to keep my distance from bottles and stay off of pills

                                           that puffs of smoke could kill

                                               and i listened, i obeyed

                                  but darling, no one warned me about you

                 no one warned me about what this damned sugar rush could do 

  • Author: scarletttt (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 25th, 2023 12:41
  • Category: Love
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  • Neville

    very much enjoyed ma'am & welcome to MPS ..

  • anabasova

    You encapsulated perfectly how love sometimes be a drug that no one warns you about and also the worst one. Our broken heart is at the mercy of twisted societal concepts which makes it incredibly hard to heal. Amazing!!

    • scarletttt

      exactly was i was trying to portray!

      things seem so blissful and enticing, so people stumble around blindly with their hearts on their sleeves. but people are not always what they appear!

    • SweetOdodoGrass43

      This was very beautiful, I loved how you chose a subject to present the emotions and enraptured the reader through your writing. Amazing.

      • scarletttt

        tysm! that means a lot coming from another writer.

      • happinessissubjective

        I really like what the poem represents. it represents not only the blinding state of love but how so much is blinding in general. It also in a way shows the flaws of society and how they fail to warn us of so much. I loved the way you described these emotions and how much more emotion you put in your poem.

        • scarletttt

          thank you, the idea i tried to represent was how deceiving people can be, and how flawed society is for presenting us with these very unrealistic ideas, of, well, love!
          but in this picture-perfect ideal of love, the hopeless romantic is lost!
          you also put so much emotion into your writing, and i love it:))

          • happinessissubjective

            I definitely agree with society presenting us with unrealistic ideas of love. But I also feel that almost everything that society portrays is unrealistic ideas and these beliefs cause many negative emotions. Also thank you for the comment on my writing.

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