In a Moment of Poetry


In a Moment of Poetry


And now, on reflection

it seems,

I am not at all certain ..

I should have

ever believed, what my

eyes then did

tell me to believe, in that

moment when

I first caught sight of her ..

At the time tho’

I felt sure, she could walk

upon water ..

So perfect was she, as she

stood there

by the shore in her sandals

and her shawl ..

It was truly, a moment of

purest poetry

indeed, of enlightenment ..



  • orchidee

    Good write N. KP will stop at nothing - says she can walk on water. Walk on a lake of botox, more like! lol.
    But don't ya hate those who always say 'at this moment of time'? Erm, 'basically' they are annoying.
    They've got me at it now - repeating 'basically' all the time!

    • Neville

      I'm surprised you haven't ditched KP .. or she you, by now Mr. O .. I wonder if she would ditch ya for a fox by any chance .. there must be plenty of chicks yet to be fledged who have a thing about ferrets n other furry things .. in fact, I met one in clinic the other day and put a good word in for you sir .. so please keep your eye on the post for correspondence signed Anne Noying 🐭💙🐧👍

    • L. B. Mek

      (surrealist equity , in what we choose
      to believe in
      yet, Time unfurled to that fingertip of realised
      we adhere to fate's decree, as we cherish
      that intuitive
      poetic moment, which went-on to grace
      our life
      so wondrously, decadent...)

      • Neville

        my eyes are still leaking from having just read your relatively recent M's Day post .. but can't leave this page without my most meaningful thank being underlined 🙂

      • Fay Slimm.

        Your poetic moments are always so readable - I loved absorbing this bit reflective "what if ".............x

        • Neville

          although one can of course beat an egg etc etc .. tis nigh on impossible to beat them what if's, isn't it Fay .. x💜

        • crypticbard

          Life does come across as a series of poetic moments and some of which are so exhilarating we wish them not to end!

          • Neville

            spot on sir ... I am seriously inclined to think that\'s why I feel so compelled to jot things down as I meander along .. N 🙂

          • Bella Shepard

            The perfect moment, how many do we have over a lifetime? Bundle them up, and keep them safe for they do inspire. A lovely write dear friend.

            • Neville

              Many of my most sincerest thanks Bella 🌹

            • Doggerel Dave

              Just a moment? No aftermath?
              I have a moment like that - sans shore... sans sandals... sans shawl... sans - sorry It's private.
              An enjoyable thought you provoked, Neville - worth the read.

              • Neville

                Thank you kindly Dave .. every now & again tho' I wonder if I may have inherited part of Mr. O's genetic profile sans I wonder if I make no sans at all 🐧

              • Accidental Poet

                Sounds like someone I know N. Wonderful write.

                • Neville

                  I had a feeling in my water you might say that .. well the first bit anyway .. the second bite made my heart glow .. thanks AP

                • MendedFences27

                  At first, I thought this would turn out to be an Enlightenment era painting of a woman by the sea, but no, it is your vision, your way of finding beauty in the simpler forms of life. Thank you for posting this and lifting my spirits, - Phil A.

                  • Neville

                    If I even managed a minute fraction of that, then I am indeed a very happy man Phil .. thank you & truly .. Neville

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