The elections are over

I didn't use my vote

To me it has no winners 

All of them a joke

But now that it is over

Another side I see

Good nature, consideration

Above the party machine

Grace and good will

A rare sight in this modern day

Gives me hope for the future 

I hope the spirit stays.

  • Author: Valiantstar (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 27th, 2023 02:10
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • L. B. Mek

    choosing, not - to vote
    can become
    a utilisation of your vote
    'civil disobedience'
    is far better than anarchic zealotry
    yet, also
    if you've chosen to disengage
    then save yourself
    from all those headaches
    and impotent rage
    just, find your own corner of hope
    keep it small, build it strong
    make sure it's something
    those righteous, other's
    can't absentmindedly, destroy
    and then find acceptance
    in what peace you've been able
    to salvage
    from this chaotic cesspool of absurdity
    we call a society...
    stay strong!
    try to not make hate, your focus
    in life
    try to find a way, to let go
    walk light dear poet kin
    indeed, life's sht pile of unfair
    but we all can choose, to move
    whatever destroyed our house
    imagine, fate
    as a tsunami
    it's pointless, screaming at the sky
    after the fact
    best to just move with the clouds
    and try and make the best
    of the time we have left..
    (but hey
    what do i know
    do you
    more power to you)

  • crypticbard

    Indeed, it is how we live together and not the pecking order that really matter.

    • 2781

      To many chiefs and not enough Indians, my dear old mum might say.

      • crypticbard

        Oh not to mention the chieflings lol! There's even more of them in the bureaucracy that is the commonwealth.

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      • Doggerel Dave

        You'll be lucky...we'll all be lucky...until it becomes a conspiratorial con job.
        Rational debate without abuse - yes.
        Agreement, sweetness and light on all things (Ah - the smell!) - no!

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