Hot Sausage And Key Lime Pie


Something I will always love;
something that I can never get enough of,
is hot sausage,
on french bread.
I wouldn't prefer,
any other food,
except maybe key lime pie instead.
'I'm bringing you over,
hot sausage sandwiches',
are words I love to hear him say.
When my dad stops by,
with a red stained white paper bag,
it brightens up my day.
... or when we stop,
by the orange grove,
over on Griffin Road,
I know there is
a Key Lime Pie,
waiting for me to take home.
So I'll eat my hot sausage sandwich,
and share some of my Key Lime Pie,
but if no one's around,
I'll eat all of it,
in a short amount of time.

Hot sausage is great and so is key lime,
But in my opinion pumpkin pie deliciously Devine,
Especially with a little whipped cream,
Key lime runs a close second it would seem,
Add a little coffee and the day is made good,
Followed by a movie, as a good meal should,
Ahh, great memories to revisit.

All memories pass,
because all pieces,
taste better than the last.
Remember how the last one,
tasted in the past?
I'm sure that the next one,
will be better than the last.

I'm sure that it will, it always does,
Especially when we look to the future instead of what was,

Let them eat cake! as one said.
Do you want to eat the cake and have it too?!
And who ate all the pies?!

Well over here, I've worked all day without a bight to eat. So thank you for the salivation, I'll go and get a treat.

  • Authors: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym), BlessedbyGod, orchidee, Valiantstar
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  • Finished: March 28th, 2023 01:05
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
  • Invited: Friends (users on his/her list of friends can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: There is no food better than hot sausage sandwich and no dessert better than Key Lime Pie. Maybe it is a Polish and a Florida thing (haha). Seriously though, do not overeat. Being a glutton is bad. Share your food. Eat Pie. Persistence is key
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  • Osei Zion

    Well penned. Great work guys 👏. I'm late to take my part but I'm next time will

  • Randy6

    Don't know what a fusion poem is?

  • bellflower

    OMG this is so good. I can feel the delight of dinning and enjoying....I loved this one made me smile with this piece. Thank you.

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