musings of a biology student


flesh and bone and sinew taut

once moving parts, now a thought

biology class lays them all out

reveals the secrets we have sought


does an animal have a soul?

a mind to think, a brain that’s whole?

a heart to love ‘till it grows old-

until the dice of fate did roll


now my sweet animal does lie fresh

amid the stench of rotting flesh,

a pin through his hands splay him out

a drop of water baptised devout


jesus on the cross for all to see

a symbol of hope i shall make him be

for even in death to some degree

he could live again or perhaps just be


does an animal have a soul?

a mind to think, a brain that’s whole?

a heart to love ‘till he grows old-

till the dice of fate did roll


thus we arrive with solemn grace

to slice and study every space

my holy friend has lost his face

reduced to parts in this dark place

  • Author: taylorlikeswift (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 27th, 2023 15:48
  • Comment from author about the poem: i have a lot of feelings about dissection. i write a lot of poems about identity and i think the idea of dissection is a nice way to express it. i often include religious references in my poems too - i think the idea of pinning through something\\\'s limbs on a table can definitely be related back to religion. just an interesting concept really.
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  • Doggerel Dave

    'Be kind' you say on your home page - 'Be kind'. You are hopeful; I've never been kind to anyone in my life...... (a long one).
    Seriously, you have the goods. You know how to write the poetry I personally like - go for it! I hope you will diversify and write of other things than dissection and crucifixion though....

    Enjoy your stay at MPS. It is an interactive site which allows you to read other's work , comment and also respond to commentary on your own,,,... enjoy yourself!

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