Susan With The Walking Stick




Rabbit hopped up on the old wooden bench twitching his nose at Owl

Owl with the greatest eyes of them all kept watch for Susan with her walking stick

Even shy Vole poked her head out momentarily from amidst the lilacs darting her eyes up to Owl then to Rabbit and back again to Owl

Mocassin who had sworn to behave today moved through the blades of grass feeling the earth for the tap tap of Susan's walking stick

The mighty Monarch drifted on the warm air finally to settle on his favorite branch poised with his antenna on high alert

Squirrel skittered and chittered up high in the tree nervously seeking some far away sign of Susan with her walking stick

Owl blinked then blinked again "she comes" he announced and blinked once again

Rabbit's tail began to swish and his foot began to beat on the old wooden bench "she comes?'

Shy Vole poked her nose out from the lilac bush "she comes?" and this time she remained 

Mocassin who would show no emotion as he flicked out his tongue "yes she comes" but his eyes gleamed all the same

Soon Susan arrived and rested her walking stick on the old wooden bench 

Mighty Monarch glided over to say hello and rested on her large yellow harvest hat

Even business as usual Mr. Bee came around to greet Susan 

with her walking stick

In no time at all she reached into the pockets of her smock and began sprinkling the ground with all sorts of goodness

Shy Vole knew he could trust Susan with the walking stick and stepped out to nibble

Rabbit leapt over to the feet of Susan with the walking stick taking his treats from her fingers 

Squirrel circled his way down the tree and made his way in fits and starts to pick out his favorite morsels 

Mocassin stayed still and watched he had promised to behave and today he would

Owl blinked and blinked again looking at Susan with the walking stick in the most owlish of ways then opened his wings and flew off to find his own meal as he was wont to do 

Susan took her walking stick bid farewell to departing Owl, Rabbit, shy Vole, Monarch, business as usual Mr. Bee, and even Mocassin who pretended not to notice.

Susan with the walking stick would return tomorrow as she always would.

  • Author: gramann001 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 3rd, 2023 08:29
  • Comment from author about the poem: Dedicated to a friend
  • Category: Nature
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