My beautiful ocean


“My beautiful ocean”

Pulsating in unison of time.

Soothing water that keeps running away from the shore.

I make it down the hill, fast.

Ten breaths that chase each other, pretending and fearing to be followed.

Footsteps that grew bigger trailing the path to an ageless rock.

I sit there and watch my conflicts battle each other, whilst I gasp for relief and comfort.

Blue and perfect.

I need the coolness of your current as I longe for the warmth in your sands.

You have guarded me since I'm five.

The wind, the birds and I howling together.

What would you say if someone else was sitting on my rock?

To put my clothes aside and swim recklessly past the buoys or to float in the same instant my fate gets decided?

I shout without making a sound. Holding my heart in its place and dropping on my knees.

A truth that keeps blurring.

Ocean, my beautiful ocean.

If I'm willing to confront myself, could I do it in your presence?

Where i have put all my senses to rest and hoped never to be found.

I have traced all the possible outcomes.

Do I really have to go?

"You must. Limited is your journey. Infinite are the thousand stories you will tell.

"What you are, is scared, my girl...Only scared..”


  • Author: Ani. Is. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 5th, 2023 05:53
  • Category: Spiritual
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