The Train to Treblinka.

David Wakeling

It was a glorious day in 1943,
The kind of day you wish to hug your children carefree.
The frozen Polish Winter winds were almost dying,
 The golden promise of Summer made everything sing,
It was very sunny on the station in Warsaw.
Mrs Iby Łopuszyński had two fine children,
Leisel her delightful daughter who was eleven,
And Arek who was a boy of nine, very smart.
Arek had his Father’s eyes and his Mother’s soft heart.
He was sensitive and sadly, wet the bed often,
He was a good boy really filled with fun  now and then.
Leisel was extremely clever. She could read and write,
She always had a book open long into the night.
She had lovely dark hair and the eyes of an angel.
She also had her Mother’s fine singing voice as well.

As they stood at the station in Warsaw the Sun hid,
It hid behind a cloud, in shame as it often did,
Iby pulled her beautiful children close to her side.
A soldier with a vicious dog came close alongside,
He yelled loudly in German language :”Untermenschen”
Mrs Łopuszyński bent down and hugged her children.
“I’m scared Mummy.” said Arek, in a very soft voice.
“Don’t be such a baby” said Leisel, we have no choice.
“Now be quiet now I want to tell you a story.
Then we will go on the train ride full of glory.
To Treblinka, won’t that be fun. Now Children stand straight”
“Once long ago when I was a little girl of eight,
 I lived in a beautiful house and I was content,
My parents provided a garden as a present.
In that place grew corn poppy’s, Siberian Iris,
Geraniums,Crocuses, and Pink Amaryllis.”
If you ever get frightened I want you to day dream,
 About that garden, where the bright Sun will always beam.
It is where we will all go soon one day my angels,”
A guard dog came close with barking that sounded like bells,
 She was forced apart and joined a long line with others.
“I love you dzieci, be brave my sisters and brothers.”
Leisel hugged her brother as they were dragged on the train.
Leisel smiled strangely as her joy began to drain.
„We are going toTreblinka. It is a good town,
 And we will see mummy again.Don’t make a frown.”
Now let me sing a song to you Arek one you know,
Oh my heart is full with joy, I love this garden so,
A golden garden of beauty, peace and love, all day,
The guards could not hear the triumphant singing as they,
forced the cold wooden doors shut on the Treblinka train.
Hope has never stopped growing there even in the rain.

  • Author: David Wakeling (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 7th, 2023 01:05
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • charles69

    I think this is a great and artistic poem. It has wonderful power, and must have taken work, but also much talent. Reading it was a lot like being there, compelling and sad but als hopeful and brave.
    I feel we should stay in touch with such feelings inside of us, and this work aids that in a masterful way.
    Have you ever thought about writing a similar poem about the plight , the aftermath of a tragic shooting at a school? It is needed.

  • David Wakeling

    Yes I have actually.Modern high schools are becoming unsafe.The number of shootings is comparable to war.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very strong words David and so meaningful.


  • A Boy With Roses

    who are you ranting at I'm confused and why?

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