Another Day in Politics


It’s the third week of the invasion

The greatest land war in Europe in a generation

Russian armaments light up the Ukrainian horizon

Enough to see the shelters more people will die in


A street with burning strollers

A bridge with dying soldiers

The horror of it all is seen around the world

So those with a conscious are disturbed


Ukrainians cry out remember history

Where this will end is no mystery

They say they are part of the European family

Europe responds “so is Russia” rationally


Politicians everywhere hem and haw

While the only thing moving is the jaw

Ukraine is burning, a people are devastated

While full lies and half promises are disseminated


The honest are not surprised

We remember how the War in Iraq was devised

We see how the genocide in China is excused

How readily lies and fears are infused


What’s happening around the world is unjust

Its motivators, money and power corrupt

Tomorrow another war and more small graves

Today the sky above Kiev are in flames

  • Author: salahidden (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 8th, 2023 14:36
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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  • Parisab

    “And more small graves” very disturbing image, but unfortunately true dear poet

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