Dark Fantasy

A Boy With Roses

How the body glows like anthracite, and fades like night stars in the memory of a forgotten winter. The glass of wine you poured, flippantly making out to old tragedies. Roses as they decay. I saw you there on the bed, naked like a dark fantasy. A body for pleasure, to be used, to be thrown away. Not to speak or think for yourself, but to please and say yes. But what if you want more, like love, but true love? Someone that cares about you, thinks of you, promises not to hurt you. You kiss me and I die, over and over, like a movie playing on repeat, and for a moment everything slips away. For a moment everything feels right, like a cloud in place. A grey sky tied with ribbons. I think of you like rain and watch you pour. My eyes howl as I eat at your grey matter, and I make love hearts out of desire, and the lies we tell taste just like the truth. Love as pure as a river. I get hard and I get reckless. My twisting limbs vomit rainbows, and I crave your skin. Candytuft in emerald water. The blood of a man tastes sweet like heaven, and I wonder, did anyone ever tell you how perfect you are? 


Such a dirty boy                                                          

Such a sweet man                                                        

And we're in love, and I need you like drugs                                    

Kissing like poison                                                                              

Getting high on each other 


You blow clouds and leave nothing behind but a weeping sun and my dreaming heart. Leaning in to kiss me with your blood-stained mouth and sad eyes. What's mine is yours. And we hold back tears, happy tears, tearing at each other's flesh. The night is dressed in black and sin, and the scars on my arm speak your name. Face down on a piss-stained mattress, I inhale. And I can't escape, this identity, this exigency, this gravity. So I wallow and diffuse and spread myself like the substances we abuse. Looking into your eyes and smiling because I don't care about anything else. I meander. Happy to be here with you, loving you. I feel love in my veins, so cynical, and I've made a ghost out of love. Loving you, only you. 

  • Author: Jordan Cash (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 8th, 2023 21:42
  • Category: Unclassified
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