Requiem Of A Blame

Man With No Name

A perfect photo frame, brimmed full of empty people

Neatly crammed amidst a slowly rotting maple

A colored requiem of what are now colorless lives

Evidence of moments in time that still cuts like a knife


That photograph has grown old but haven't aged

Unlike the people pictured in that glassy cage

Who In their quest of gaining a better leverage

Don't even recognize themselves, behind that glaze

But a look of recognition brighter than a blaze

Glistening from those crystal eyes is leaving them dazed


A perfect photo frame, like the head of a deer

Is a severed part of the things once held dear

A part of ever-changing relations and seminal times

Severed before they are vanished into thin air

Now hangs lifelessly for our crimes

on the wall of our ego's lair

Masquerading as a souvenir


A souvenir of memories and their forgotten reasons

Now they are just reminders of bitter treasons

In the wake of fading memories of better reasons

It has incarcerated all that in its prison

While it's prisoners of expectations keep on changing by the seasons


A perfect photo frame, suspended by a thread to the nail

Just like behind its glass veil

Those people inside who are now frail

Condemned to see each other miserably fail

And yet are clinging on to the past that is stale

what a great scheme of blackmail ....


And as those people go for a rollercoaster ride

It is still hanging strong against the swing of pendulum with all its pride

It has captured their souls and the essence of those times

Maybe that's why even through all the dark times those smiles have kept their shine

A perfect headstone to an imperfect shrine


A perfect photo frame, enduring every blame

Still keeping alive somewhere, that old flame

Was once a savage beast now appears tamed

A window overlooking the memory lane

Lane where those memories live as immortal

Walking through which your legs always falter.

  • Author: Man With No Name (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 22nd, 2023 00:58
  • Category: Reflection
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  • David Wakeling

    I read this twice but it is so convoluted I really have no idea what it is about.I liked the rhyme

  • Parisab

    Great use of imagery and rhythm-theme is clever as well

  • thinkerbell

    Wonderful meditation on memories and how people try to capture them and cage those picture perfect moments in photo frames...

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