Real Talk


Why play God?


Why toy with what he decided?


The games you play are so sinful, the angels sob


This is the world we live in... where's the righteous riot?!


This ISN'T Wonderland...


Not the tipsy topsy turvey story


This isn't something we should let stand.


Our newest generations won't hit forty


Welcome to the world...on drugs, steroids and hormones.


The utter bullshit we feed our youth plants seeds.


Forget the fears of creating clones.


Now we're explaining the misdeeds.


Where boys can be girls and sex is for all.


Where the term gender is has more than two meanings


Love has no meaning, while the people fall


And hate boils down so firm that you have to walk on fucking eggshells when walking into work meetings


One mislabel and it's a court case.


A misstep on someone's "identity" and the law has a hold.


I'm so sick of looking at the Joneses and wondering if that's a daughter or son, and to figure it out it's a damn race.


If I say something like "Hello sir" and the looks start coming, like I did something and now it's a sin being told.


Don't ask ME to bend over backwards


It's not my life so don't you DARE treat me like a prick


When it's YOUR REQUEST you suddenly asked for




I'm so sick of playing the follow the leader façade.


I'm begging you, stop playing God.

  • Author: Eclisse 🌙 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 23rd, 2023 20:04
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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