Love's Eternal Symphony

Dev Parth

The ocean waves crash on the shore,
A symphony of sound that I adore,
And in the rhythm of the tide,
I find a love that cannot hide.
For in the vastness of the sea,
I see reflections of you and me,
Two souls adrift, but not alone,
With a love that's carved in stone.
Through the storms and darkest nights,
Our love is like a shining light,
A beacon that guides us home,
To a place where we're never alone.
And in the stillness of our hearts,
We find the strength to face the parts,
Of life that test our love and will,
And make us climb the steepest hill.
But with each step we take together,
We find a love that's only better,
For in the depths of love's embrace,
We find our own special place.
So let the ocean waves keep crashing,
And let our love keep on expanding,
For in the fusion of love and sea,
We find the beauty of eternity.

Love's Eternal Symphony Plays Proudly Of Our Harmony. We Must B, They Say Each Time We Lock Eyes.
Surprise Of Days & Nights Under This Perfect Melody.
Gently The Chords Do As They Shall While Keeping Our Romance Awash With The Most Special Sensations.
Emotions & Feelings 2 A Beat That Permanently Surrenders Every Other Ear.
Year After Year Of Just U & Me Fully Enjoying Love's Eternal Symphony.

  • Authors: Dev parth (Pseudonym), Broken Ankh
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: May 14th, 2023 00:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: I aimed for a free-verse style with a loose rhyme scheme. Each stanza has four lines, with the second and fourth lines rhyming. The poem is a fusion of imagery from the natural world, specifically the ocean, with themes of love and eternity. I wanted to convey the idea that love, like the ocean, can be vast and tumultuous, but ultimately has a beauty and timelessness that endures. Feel free to draw inspiration from this style and subject matter as you create your own poems!
  • Category: Love
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