The Dance of Avatars

Iva Hotko

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There are things we feel and cannot say,
light and darkness that cross our way.
In the storm of emotion and thought,
lies crafted in words to mask the soul.

Gold and silver, strawberries and cream
served with a coating of vulnerability.
Are we what we post or is it just a hoax?
Reading, sensing, deciding
is this game worth playing.

Let’s pretend — mix truth with fantasy
in a world of broken mirrors and tears
let’s find comfort in make-believe.

No questions, no need for lies
just tell the illusion you feed upon.
Truth is too painful to share,
and we are here to create an escape.

— Come on, don’t be shy
I won’t tell anyone
I promise, with my fingers crossed,
this will stay between us,
so help me God.

It’s the dance of avatars,
a waltz to broken notes.
We know it’s wrong, we feel it’s false
but we cannot stop
for it makes us feel alive.

Bitter into sweet, dreams into reality
there is nothing the mind can’t keep
from happening.
But sooner or later, faster or slower
it will all come down
with one simple goodbye.

It’s not fun any more or did you just get bored?
Is the kick you get from the feedback
running low so you decided to call it and go?

There are things we feel but cannot say,
a darkness that preys in the light of day.
It’s not often but it happens
that honesty passes unnoticed.


~ Iva

  • Author: Iva Hotko (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 29th, 2023 14:57
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 7


  • Doggerel Dave

    A case study of a poet's passage through a poetry site on the web. But who? I'm certainly not owning up!!!🙂
    A well thought through piece for me, Iva

    • Iva Hotko

      I'm glad you liked the poem, Dave. It's the reality of life on social media, I'm afraid. You rarely get a soul for a good cup of conversation after which you turn around and say - I really enjoyed it. Hiding behind avatars rarely brings anything good. Honesty is perceived as weakness, and the person easy pray for the scammers 😉

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