I wonder do I ever cross your mind?
Or did you delete every part of me, like I was some waste of time.
I wonder, if you look into some girls blue eyes, do you think of mine?
Do you think about how they used to shine?
Or about how tears started swelling up my eyes, when you made me cry.
When I think of you, all I can see is my begging and hoping that you wouldn't leave.
All that I know, is that you always left, the second you were done, just for you to come back.
I welcomed you in with the shine in my eyes, not sure tho if it was happiness or the last tears I cried.
In the end of the day, you never came back and my life changed for the best, so I'm thankful for that.
I look into brown eyes, but I can't see, a narcissistic asshole like you used to be.
And if I could, I would go back and save my sixteen year old self, from a heartbreak like that.
But just like they say sometimes things hurt and you were one of those things I didn't deserve.
Now I look back and all is a blur, maybe it were my eyes I'm not quite sure.
My view of things completely changed and the concept of love is just some made up game.
Not quiet sure how to love when giving my best was never enough.
You live your life easy and free thankful to not be a part of me.
I live my life knowing you'll be back, happy to know that I don't need that.

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  • Finished: May 17th, 2023 09:00
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