Maybe- A Sad Poem

Maybe one day we will speak again.
Maybe one day you'll realize.
How I put you forth everything else
Even myself.
I put my all into you
Trying to make things right
Checking up on you
Asking how you are
But in return were late replies and lies
Since there was no us
I've still been waiting and waiting.
Was it that easy to do what you did?
Reasons and excuses.
Laughs and jokes.
Words of pettiness.
Do you know how I feel?
Maybe it's the right person
Maybe it's the wrong time
But why can’t we make it right?
You say you’re hurting
Not ready for me
But when I’m hurting
I’m still here for you.
Everything I tried felt useless
I won't beg or ask for attention
Because if you wanted to you would.
Because you know I will always stay.
Maybe you're right.
Because ill be here waiting for you
For the first time
I finally understand.
That I may not be the one you need
And I’ll let you be.
I still care for you
Maybe there's a glimpse of hope
Or maybe it’s time for me to let go.

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