Love in all its seasons



A new phase sets

Different colleges, cities, and now different countries

Your day starts and ends hours ahead than mine

Beautiful places we have been, new faces we have seen

Wonder how this moment would turn out to be if you were here beside.

But it’s a time for new beginnings where our old routines get left behind

Entering once again unfamiliar situations

I look at you and find peace in your calm

This is the way it must be, from this we will shine

And if we get lost, in each other’s arms we will find.



It’s a brand new you and me

In our respective lives we thrive

Especially you, settling in seems like a breeze.

More weeks, months pass and we’re growing more at ease

You know me and I [know] you, like the back of our hands.

Nothing deters us, not even time nor distance

Endless banters – you’re a breath of fresh air after a long hard day.

The warmth of your cuddles and touch

Every moment we spend brings much joy.

Despite the years, novelty always seems to find a way.



The days get busy, responsibilities run high

The blurring lines between work and life

Conversations become brief and spare time limited

Yet we manage to power through these moments.

We squeezed in lunch and coffee breaks albeit short

Studying in libraries and working at cafes became our rendezvous.

As we grew older and lived apart, some things we face on our own

After a long hard day, at times we yearn to rest and be still

Your comforting presence as we stay silent next to each other

What a beautifully ordinary way to spend life together.



At times we reach a point wherein we’re at a crossroads

Our views do not seem to align, paces not in-sync

We see the depth of our differences

It’s a season of make or break – they say.

Amidst the struggle, we realize the depth of our bond

Our mutual love and respect grow abound.

Rather, it’s a season of make and break through

I know in my heart I will always take a leap of faith with you.

In moments where we detour or go astray,

Back into each other’s arms we will always find a way.

  • Author: polly_ (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 6th, 2023 22:19
  • Comment from author about the poem: My partner and I started out as high school sweethearts, now we are countries apart and hoping to be reunited soon. More than a decade into the relationship, we constantly go through changes. The key is to grow and journey with them through all the seasons.
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