Is the color of the supposedly white dress
Color of fresh blood
Red pooling around her
Her mouth open in an eternal silent scream
Her empty glassy eyes
Remains unfocused, hazy
Never to waver

Maybe I should have seen this coming
Maybe I should have cared more for her
To see her ina red pond
It makes me think it was my fault
To remember her not as my lover
But to remember that I was her pain
Her agony
The reason she did this
And I'm sorry for all the times I made you cry
I hate that I can't take it back
But now I know to be gentle
I know that caring is important
Because if it weren't for me
You'd be alive

Red, I Love U So.
Ho Or Whore.
More & More, I Want U.
Boo-Boo. My Boo.
True, 2 Me. Red & Me, Relate Awhile While, Enjoying A Bloodbath.
Math: Red + Jerry = Jerry.
Jerry & Red, R A Item.
Hum Of Humblefolk: A Most Ancient Hymn.
Slime Coated Breasts. Lord, I LOVE U, Red. My, Red.

The anger unbridled
Agonizing screams of guilt.
The care of you
Has thrown me astray.
Your contrast on my soul,
Deep yet unmeaning;
Lights my fire.

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