Rising Above the Darkness: A Fusion of Motivation and Sadness

Dev Parth

In the depths of my despair,
When darkness looms and I'm in disrepair,
I search for a glimmer of hope,
A way to climb the steepening slope.
My heart is heavy with the weight,
Of all the sorrows that I can't abate,
But still, I try to find a spark,
A way to light up the endless dark.
For in the midst of all this pain,
I know that there is something to gain,
A lesson learned, a strength to find,
And to leave the past and move my mind.
And though the journey ahead may be tough,
And the path ahead may be rough,
I know that I must find a way,
To keep moving forward day by day.
For in the midst of all this strife,
There is still the hope of a better life,
And though my heart may ache and weep,
I know that I must rise from sleep.
So let me find the strength to stand,
And to face life's challenges, hand in hand,
For in this moment, I can choose,
To take a step and to refuse,
To let my sadness take control,
And to let my spirit take its toll,
For in this fusion of motivation and sadness,
I can find a way to overcome this madness.

Darkness, 2 Rebuke. I'm N No Mood 4 The Stress.
Confess 2 The Light. Talking 2 The Light Always Makes Me Feel Alright.
Bright Feeling Over That Blackened Hole.
Trial After Trial Adds 2 Optimism.
"Prism Of Wisdom" Guide Me Perfectly.
Darkly, Makes No Real Sense.
Sadness, Countered By The Proper Instance Of Conscious.

I know I've taken a couple of steps back
But I don't give a damn
My souls shattered
And I'm tortured
But maybe I should let go
Be the one to fly through the window
To ride the infinite sky
To be lost in depths of lies
And I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye

  • Authors: Dev parth (Pseudonym), Broken Ankh, B.E.Poet
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: May 24th, 2023 01:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Category: Sad
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