Cost of Love


I can't get you out of my system

I can't get you out of my mind

I can't get over the past

How long is this going to last?

Please let me go

Get your grip off of me

Let go of my mind


Please mind just let it go

Please mind let the past be

Please just stop torturing me

I've lost so please hear my plea

Mind just forget 

Don't remind me

Stop reminding me


I miss these people

And most don't miss me

Do I miss them because of where am in life here and now?

To the ones I've lost so soon 

I trade my life for you

Death felt like it was always meant for me before any of you


I miss you  terribly 

And I wish you were still here

With you gone my mind's not clear

I need your help I need to hear your voice

It's so unfair you were taken without a choice


To the ones I gave my heart too

those were some brief good times

But how you did me in the end was uncalled for

Here am I years later thought I was healed

But deep down you're still in my core


I guess it's time to admit something I don't want to

I guess I am doomed to always love you

The feeling isn't mutual I know

Why couldn't you just ended things differently?

Left me to recover on my own and hear I am still not healed


I just want to forget you about you

Worst mistakes I 've every made was choosing you.

How do you help build someone up when they need you and they not even know they do til you come along

Just to tear them down


All the pride, hope in what was built 

Gone just like that you tossed it out like yesterday's news

You moved on like it was nothing

I try myself but life and my mind is determined that I remember you


You're not even in my life anymore but damn you still got a hold of mind 

I just want to let you go

I just want to let it go

But I don't know how

Wishing you were in regret

But no that's me instead


Love is so overrated

I'm here so fucking jaded

Life's not going well

And when it's not it reminds me of the past

Of the good times that does not last

The bad outweighs the good


Love comes with pain

And depending how it goes that might be all you're left with

I rathered have not loved at all

Because this pain no matter what seems like it won't go

In the end for me that's the cost 

of love

  • Author: Wolf (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 9th, 2023 09:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: When love is pain is worth it? Do you want to love or even be loved?
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