I love you


Its funny to think how words can be put together

I can make poems



But there are things that no words can describe

I cant explain the pain I feel

The love I have for you

I wish I could wake up with my arms around you

To kiss you until your body couldn't take it anymore

But its all a fantasy

The painful reality is  that I cant

I wish  but you don’t know

I don’t have the courage to tell you

Cus I don’t know your reaction

& I don’t want to be rejected

I don’t want to ruin things

Funny what love can do to a person

Makes me obsess over you

Dream about you day & night

But I have to hold myself

Just to make sure I don’t take a wrong turn

But I sometimes wonder if you like me

I catch you at times staring at me & smiling

You take my hair out of my face

You look at me so deeply

& sometimes im afraid that I won't control my lips

Because your stare is beautiful

And my body seems to push me forward

& I touch your hand

& you don’t pull away

& I wonder if I should kiss you

But I don’t know whats going on in your mind

I don’t know if we are synchronized

You look at me and turn away

I don’t know if your nervous

Or if I made you uncomfortable

Cus I don’t want to make you wrong

But moments like those are hard

Are agonizing

And I hold back

I never kiss you

Im afraid

So I don’t know whether to ignore me

Or to follow my heart

But ill find out next time I see you

Cus everyday passes

 & I think I've decided to tell you

So maybe I will

Because you need to know

I love you

  • Author: B.E.Poet (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 9th, 2023 14:44
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 6

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